Monday, July 3, 2017

Steps to become doctor; and how difficult to get into medical school.

There are so many major and occupation, but you choose to opt medical field as your career. Although you had the chance to go for major which was less competitive, you pledge to scarifies your sleep, time, money, and leisure time for endless years of education and exam stress. Knowing all your effort with uncertainty if you will be selected into one of the medical schools. Even before getting into medical school, people start to have hope and expectation that you will become the physician and serve the people. Most people consider medical field to be the money making field, but people don't realize the endless effort and hard work physician put to achieve the title. Guess what! many years from today you will be proud of your decision and efforts.

Things Pre-Med student consider even before becoming Doctor. Many simple Question yet not simple answer

Being Pre-med student not only mean scoring high score or being very active in volunteer work, internship or clinical care external. You also need to be on track, also the path which you have selected have some difficult question which needs to be answered. If you don't know the answer for some of the basic question then you might have to do research or ask the Pre-med academic counselor or senior student.

Question such as

What is the medical school entrance exam to take (Mcat)?
What average score on MCAT to get into medical school?
What is the prerequisite for the medical school you want to enter?
What are in-state or out of state acceptance ratio?
What is medical school fee and do they provide financial aid for the student?
What is the official website for the medical school such as AMCAS?

Be confident, Never give up and Patience

Being physician is the great thing, but it needs struggle and hard work. The idea of being pre-med itself is overwhelming and scary. Once you set your mind of becoming a doctor, then you need to realize there is no turning back and have to be confident. I totally agree that journey is long and might take approximately 10 years after high school, but look at the bright side of being able to get the high pay check. Apart from getting the high pay check, you get respect from people and community and from those of whom you served.

Endless Exams, Entry Test and Managing time

I totally agree that there are so many exams and entrance exam are difficult to get into medical school. You need to realize that you will be dealing with people living, so school has to select people among the top. Exams and various test even before entering medical school are just a way school used to sort out those who can handle pressure and manage time.  life of the physician is not easy, endless hours of work at clinic and hospital and sometimes 80hrs per week. It is just training before getting into the field. Competition for few seats is what makes it interesting, if anyone can get into medical school then you won't spend effort, time, money and handwork into it.

Volunteer, Internship, and Job not enough

Well, all medical school give the general academic requirement, upcoming medical school class profile, MCAT score or GPA. Most schools don't specify what they require as extracurricular actives to get into medical school. that's like million dollar question. Let me tell you, medical school are not looking for any specific thing, but they are looking for all rounder which means the person who is best at many things not just academic. They don't want the multi-copy of the same applicant yet the want diversity in the application pool and people with different talent, experience, and background. You can serve in Nursing home, clinical research, volunteer at the different hospital, different job, teaching, and list goes on, but the bottom line is they are looking for someone who is committed and ready to give up their leisure time for the bigger goal.

Making right decision at right time. 
Lastly, I would like to emphasize on something which is very important is that making the right decision at right time. It could be anything just as taking entrance test exam, studying for Ochem, or taking time off for the family reunion. Plan out everything and write down buck list for future. time is money and with single wrong decision or laziness, your dream might shatter or delay in education. Get yourself in habit of writing down stuff with date and time, so that you don't forget and try something new such as progress report and track it for your progress every single night.

With advancement is technology, everything is done automatically, so if your GPA or entrance score are few point low then cut off point then you might get the rejection. Most importantly try to do good at academic, score really good in the entrance exam and maintain your GPA. Don't get lazy and hopeless with the little downfall.

Dream big and the sky is the limit.

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