Thursday, June 1, 2017

I'm Introvert, yet I have made lots of Friends


          Making a friend or socializing isn't for everyone. You may think its easy but actually its hardest job in the world. The first hi, or smile, can give you a big expression of what people might think about you. I'm not talking about a first day or love at first sight, but simple Hi which might lead to great friendship.

        Let me tell you about myself and how things changed for me, basically " power of confidence". Throughout my High School, I was very introvert and didn't go out with friends or explore the world. I was the kid who would avoid interaction and stay away from people, avoid eye contact. I don't know why it was difficult to talk with people or speak my mind out. The striking idea or expressing myself was simply and plainly difficult. Funny thing I wouldn't even talk to girls (except for classmate to whom I would occasionally communicate), I may consider girls from Mars or would bite me if I ask something.

        So point arise, or million dollar question; how did I end up making so many friends. The fun part they are of different race and ethnicity; even speak the completely different language.
Things changed for me when I moved to California in 2012 and things finally change for me. From having a little friend to several friends ( snapping me on Snapchat or getting like on Instagram), which is a good thing, and bad things as its difficult to keep track of all friends.
           I would point out coming to California was a cultural and traditional shock for me; As it changed me completed and gave me the opportunity to speak my mind out.

            *The thing which works for me, something I did differently was to put myself out there and start taking steps to social. The thing which helped me a lot was working in College Cafeteria in California. It made me go-getter and gave me chance to meet a different kind of young student who was from different ethnic background and has different first language. Once I started making a friend and get comfortable with the surrounding, I gained confidence and interact with people.

                The second major helpful thing happened to me, it was to speak and answer the question in classes. Sitting in one of the University of California classes, answering the question to the professor and making sure I get what is being asked. These two things changed me a lot as It allowed me to speak and reaches out to a lot of people. Then joining college clubs and internship, and having leadership roles were a booster.

             I believe we all get a similar situation, it's just depend on how you take it. Most people meet new people in office or malls, don't be afraid to talk. People aren't mean, rude or selfish, simple smile and initiative would do a lot of wonder in person.

           I would totally advise that If you afraid to talk with people or making a friend, find a reason which stops you from taking initiative, and trigger point. Once you overcome your fear then you won't have the problem in reach out to people.