Monday, July 3, 2017

Life give second chance to few; don’t lose it

     Life is full of surprises and changes, everything we do we tend to look for rewards one way or another. We stress out a lot about life and every time we messed up something, we wish we had the second chance to live in games if you messed up you come back and try again.  But have you imagine, having your life As unpredictable and no chance is the blessing in disguise. Let me walk you guys with what I meant with some examples and life experience we all go through but never realized.

     For young teenagers who want or achieve something, they work hard enough to get it. They know putting full effort is everything they got otherwise they won't get into dream school or get into basketball team or win science competition they work endless nights or sometimes one guy who is having the streak of getting position will lose it. 

    If we go further in life, mostly in college or university life you think you have the second chance of repeating courses but honestly, you don't. You may improve it and get and A second time, but charms of getting an A is something different. Furthermore, if you have withdrawn, F and C in your transcript then you will struggle in a job.

    But have you imagine that those bad grades help in disguise, what if you might lose the job or end up with a really bad manager. You will start your own start up business and succeed in your business and make you earning and up in the business world.

   Let say you got into the fight with the girl friend or dear one, and you close to breaking up or end a relationship. Here's come second chance, when you will be far from your dear one, then you realize the importance of them. You will work hard to get back to them and try not to make the same mistake again. What if you continue same way and down the line, your love one met someone else and if you lose her for someone else then you won't get back. So little up and down in relationships are ok, but try to fix it and consider it as the blessing rather cursed.

   Sometimes we get stuck in traffic or get late at work and start cursing luck and getting irritated but have you imagine. What if you were speeding and lost control of the vehicle and hit something or someone because of accident end up in the hospital with lots of hospital bill. Even sometimes nothing happened and you get in time, but your manager was angry on someone else and the first person he or she sees was you and you get in trouble because of someone else. There are so many examples you just need to see the different side.

   If something doesn't work first time doesn't mean it won't work every time, everything happens at specific times and you just need to be positive and never give hope 

  Always be grateful for second chances, you never know what it has for you. 

  Dreams big and stay positive 

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