Monday, July 3, 2017

Experience at community college: Offers more then you expect

     My stories at the different and new community college. I am currently going to the community college which has two sister colleges; which means I get to switch between two colleges If I couldn't find my desired courses. My point, I have pretty good idea of community colleges.  I thought all the colleges work the same way, but to my amazement, they don't.
     I went with my cousin to drop him at the community college because he couldn't find the class at local community college. I was amazed to know within 30 miles radius, we have college which is completely different and unique in its own way.

      Let me explain what difference I am talking about. It is less crowded and people seems to be nice. They are helpful, but some of them don't know where the different facilities are situated such as admission building, library, cafeteria classroom.

      The cafeteria was very small and barely less than 20 sitting arrangement. To make thing clear, it was small and everything was easy to reach able and attached to the wall. To my amazement library was huge, gigantic and double floor building like easily 500 people can fit in. Easily accessible to the computer, mostly empty for first day and seat were empty too as if they were exempting more people.

      For the first day, it was pretty empty college. No lines in admission and financial aid building. Mostly on the first day of college, there is huge line outside financial aid and admission building in community college, but it seems like everything was taken care and all the queries were solved ahead of time. I was looking at the class schedule and they were a wide variety of classes which are mostly not offered easily, and in my college, you have to wait one whole semester before you can actually get in. In this college they are offering all sorts of classes to their student and number for each course are more than usual.

      If you look at it as structural wise, it was huge campus and widely spread out. It was not crowded or packed that you would think they are trying to squeezing everything in one place. At first, I was confused and I was thinking it will easily to find the different place, but to my amazement, it took me awhile to actually figure out where the different places were.
    My college is ethical and culturally diverse, but to my amazement over here there seem to be one group of people mostly prominent.

    I really like the campus, I was glad I came and get to know different campus in neighboring cities.  

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