Monday, July 3, 2017

Enjoying last few day before university start

  My friend told me; today is last day of summer vacation make it epic and adventurous. My reply was let us make it epic by sleeping all day long.

     Looking back at a number of days off in summer vacation. It makes you feel you have, so many days to do different stuff. If you closely look and calculate, you will realize you don't have many days for your vacation; if you utilize fully.  If you count a number of opportunities, you will be amazed; there are immense opportunities. For example, you can take classes, go for vacation, internship at University according to your own major and field, volunteer at community, take more hours at job, travel around the world or even close by cities and states, give it a call to long forgotten friend and family friend and there are so many stuff you can do. In order to do something, you need to be proactive and plan ahead of the head and make the checklist for activities, so that you don't forget.

     Lying on the bed, looking back what I did on my vacation. I didn't do much with my vacation, I tried to be productive and proactive and avail it fully. First of all, I enrolled into two community college classes (interpersonal communication and art appreciation). Secondly, I tried to get involved with local community and tried to make new friends and know my community. Thirdly I took part in leadership internship at University to enrich my resume and get more skills. Lastly, I went for vacation and visited the different part of California, especially California beaches, mountain and different small cities. Unfortunately, I wasn't working, which means I didn't earn anything, everything from my saving. It brings the important part, does some saving before summer so that you have enough cash in your bank to enjoy your summer.

   Let us just hope new fall semester will be fun and exciting and make new friends. 

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