Monday, July 3, 2017

Enjoying last few day before university start

  My friend told me; today is last day of summer vacation make it epic and adventurous. My reply was let us make it epic by sleeping all day long.

     Looking back at a number of days off in summer vacation. It makes you feel you have, so many days to do different stuff. If you closely look and calculate, you will realize you don't have many days for your vacation; if you utilize fully.  If you count a number of opportunities, you will be amazed; there are immense opportunities. For example, you can take classes, go for vacation, internship at University according to your own major and field, volunteer at community, take more hours at job, travel around the world or even close by cities and states, give it a call to long forgotten friend and family friend and there are so many stuff you can do. In order to do something, you need to be proactive and plan ahead of the head and make the checklist for activities, so that you don't forget.

     Lying on the bed, looking back what I did on my vacation. I didn't do much with my vacation, I tried to be productive and proactive and avail it fully. First of all, I enrolled into two community college classes (interpersonal communication and art appreciation). Secondly, I tried to get involved with local community and tried to make new friends and know my community. Thirdly I took part in leadership internship at University to enrich my resume and get more skills. Lastly, I went for vacation and visited the different part of California, especially California beaches, mountain and different small cities. Unfortunately, I wasn't working, which means I didn't earn anything, everything from my saving. It brings the important part, does some saving before summer so that you have enough cash in your bank to enjoy your summer.

   Let us just hope new fall semester will be fun and exciting and make new friends. 

Experience at community college: Offers more then you expect

     My stories at the different and new community college. I am currently going to the community college which has two sister colleges; which means I get to switch between two colleges If I couldn't find my desired courses. My point, I have pretty good idea of community colleges.  I thought all the colleges work the same way, but to my amazement, they don't.
     I went with my cousin to drop him at the community college because he couldn't find the class at local community college. I was amazed to know within 30 miles radius, we have college which is completely different and unique in its own way.

      Let me explain what difference I am talking about. It is less crowded and people seems to be nice. They are helpful, but some of them don't know where the different facilities are situated such as admission building, library, cafeteria classroom.

      The cafeteria was very small and barely less than 20 sitting arrangement. To make thing clear, it was small and everything was easy to reach able and attached to the wall. To my amazement library was huge, gigantic and double floor building like easily 500 people can fit in. Easily accessible to the computer, mostly empty for first day and seat were empty too as if they were exempting more people.

      For the first day, it was pretty empty college. No lines in admission and financial aid building. Mostly on the first day of college, there is huge line outside financial aid and admission building in community college, but it seems like everything was taken care and all the queries were solved ahead of time. I was looking at the class schedule and they were a wide variety of classes which are mostly not offered easily, and in my college, you have to wait one whole semester before you can actually get in. In this college they are offering all sorts of classes to their student and number for each course are more than usual.

      If you look at it as structural wise, it was huge campus and widely spread out. It was not crowded or packed that you would think they are trying to squeezing everything in one place. At first, I was confused and I was thinking it will easily to find the different place, but to my amazement, it took me awhile to actually figure out where the different places were.
    My college is ethical and culturally diverse, but to my amazement over here there seem to be one group of people mostly prominent.

    I really like the campus, I was glad I came and get to know different campus in neighboring cities.  

Life give second chance to few; don’t lose it

     Life is full of surprises and changes, everything we do we tend to look for rewards one way or another. We stress out a lot about life and every time we messed up something, we wish we had the second chance to live in games if you messed up you come back and try again.  But have you imagine, having your life As unpredictable and no chance is the blessing in disguise. Let me walk you guys with what I meant with some examples and life experience we all go through but never realized.

     For young teenagers who want or achieve something, they work hard enough to get it. They know putting full effort is everything they got otherwise they won't get into dream school or get into basketball team or win science competition they work endless nights or sometimes one guy who is having the streak of getting position will lose it. 

    If we go further in life, mostly in college or university life you think you have the second chance of repeating courses but honestly, you don't. You may improve it and get and A second time, but charms of getting an A is something different. Furthermore, if you have withdrawn, F and C in your transcript then you will struggle in a job.

    But have you imagine that those bad grades help in disguise, what if you might lose the job or end up with a really bad manager. You will start your own start up business and succeed in your business and make you earning and up in the business world.

   Let say you got into the fight with the girl friend or dear one, and you close to breaking up or end a relationship. Here's come second chance, when you will be far from your dear one, then you realize the importance of them. You will work hard to get back to them and try not to make the same mistake again. What if you continue same way and down the line, your love one met someone else and if you lose her for someone else then you won't get back. So little up and down in relationships are ok, but try to fix it and consider it as the blessing rather cursed.

   Sometimes we get stuck in traffic or get late at work and start cursing luck and getting irritated but have you imagine. What if you were speeding and lost control of the vehicle and hit something or someone because of accident end up in the hospital with lots of hospital bill. Even sometimes nothing happened and you get in time, but your manager was angry on someone else and the first person he or she sees was you and you get in trouble because of someone else. There are so many examples you just need to see the different side.

   If something doesn't work first time doesn't mean it won't work every time, everything happens at specific times and you just need to be positive and never give hope 

  Always be grateful for second chances, you never know what it has for you. 

  Dreams big and stay positive 

Priceless love: Mother love

    When you were in her womb, she knew what difficulties she has to bear in coming future. While pregnant she was in her biggest physical pain and psychological stress of keeping you protected and knew the trauma she will go through in labor and delivery, but still decided to keep.

   When you don't know a single word, your mom helps and thought you every single word with patience and keen interest.

18 years later, when she wants to talk with you, you shush her and try to speak in the loud and rude way. In extreme case don't talk with them for days and lock in the room.

   When you don't know how to walk. She helps you how to crawl and then gradually and slowly to walk. 

  30 years later, when she is older in her age and can't walk and used the wheelchair. you can't walk slowly with her in her wheelchair and you leave her in the nursing home and meet her once in the blue moon.

   When you don't have logic and sense. She helps you to connect thing and make logic for you and answered all your stupid and repeated questions without a single if. Every single time you ask something and she explain you with all the detailed and story for you to understand.

   20 years later, when she has some question regards new gadget or asking you to teach some technology. you easily get annoyed and try to avoid with every single possibility. When she has the hard time understanding you shush her and get easily rude.

   When you don't have single money as pocket money to buy your desired toys. your parents will work the 9-5 job with extra hours to bring all the happiness.

   40 years later, when your parents get old and their pension is not enough to fulfill their need. You give them hard time with money and you count every single penny you give them and argue with them if they ask extra you complain and inquire about the money you gave earlier.

  Mother is one of the precious creation of the creator, so handle with care if lost you will regret in losing it.

Steps to become doctor; and how difficult to get into medical school.

There are so many major and occupation, but you choose to opt medical field as your career. Although you had the chance to go for major which was less competitive, you pledge to scarifies your sleep, time, money, and leisure time for endless years of education and exam stress. Knowing all your effort with uncertainty if you will be selected into one of the medical schools. Even before getting into medical school, people start to have hope and expectation that you will become the physician and serve the people. Most people consider medical field to be the money making field, but people don't realize the endless effort and hard work physician put to achieve the title. Guess what! many years from today you will be proud of your decision and efforts.

Things Pre-Med student consider even before becoming Doctor. Many simple Question yet not simple answer

Being Pre-med student not only mean scoring high score or being very active in volunteer work, internship or clinical care external. You also need to be on track, also the path which you have selected have some difficult question which needs to be answered. If you don't know the answer for some of the basic question then you might have to do research or ask the Pre-med academic counselor or senior student.

Question such as

What is the medical school entrance exam to take (Mcat)?
What average score on MCAT to get into medical school?
What is the prerequisite for the medical school you want to enter?
What are in-state or out of state acceptance ratio?
What is medical school fee and do they provide financial aid for the student?
What is the official website for the medical school such as AMCAS?

Be confident, Never give up and Patience

Being physician is the great thing, but it needs struggle and hard work. The idea of being pre-med itself is overwhelming and scary. Once you set your mind of becoming a doctor, then you need to realize there is no turning back and have to be confident. I totally agree that journey is long and might take approximately 10 years after high school, but look at the bright side of being able to get the high pay check. Apart from getting the high pay check, you get respect from people and community and from those of whom you served.

Endless Exams, Entry Test and Managing time

I totally agree that there are so many exams and entrance exam are difficult to get into medical school. You need to realize that you will be dealing with people living, so school has to select people among the top. Exams and various test even before entering medical school are just a way school used to sort out those who can handle pressure and manage time.  life of the physician is not easy, endless hours of work at clinic and hospital and sometimes 80hrs per week. It is just training before getting into the field. Competition for few seats is what makes it interesting, if anyone can get into medical school then you won't spend effort, time, money and handwork into it.

Volunteer, Internship, and Job not enough

Well, all medical school give the general academic requirement, upcoming medical school class profile, MCAT score or GPA. Most schools don't specify what they require as extracurricular actives to get into medical school. that's like million dollar question. Let me tell you, medical school are not looking for any specific thing, but they are looking for all rounder which means the person who is best at many things not just academic. They don't want the multi-copy of the same applicant yet the want diversity in the application pool and people with different talent, experience, and background. You can serve in Nursing home, clinical research, volunteer at the different hospital, different job, teaching, and list goes on, but the bottom line is they are looking for someone who is committed and ready to give up their leisure time for the bigger goal.

Making right decision at right time. 
Lastly, I would like to emphasize on something which is very important is that making the right decision at right time. It could be anything just as taking entrance test exam, studying for Ochem, or taking time off for the family reunion. Plan out everything and write down buck list for future. time is money and with single wrong decision or laziness, your dream might shatter or delay in education. Get yourself in habit of writing down stuff with date and time, so that you don't forget and try something new such as progress report and track it for your progress every single night.

With advancement is technology, everything is done automatically, so if your GPA or entrance score are few point low then cut off point then you might get the rejection. Most importantly try to do good at academic, score really good in the entrance exam and maintain your GPA. Don't get lazy and hopeless with the little downfall.

Dream big and the sky is the limit.

Father who plays multiple role in every stage of life

   We have often seen or read lots of books, poetry, and writing for the mother. The sacrifice mothers do for their children, but we of neglect the importance of father as he plays important role in life too. 

   Father in most case is ideal figure for most children in different stages of child life either sports, making dreams come true financial or moral or solve any affairs child encounter in life. 

  Father plays symbol as an ideal figure as most people in our early school life even in teenage ask what does your do for the living? Or more often you are being asked what do you want to be when you grow up? The answer can be as simple like father occupation, but it has the deeper meaning of giving important to dad in wider degree.

  You may get all the comfort and care from the mother, but when it comes to financial needs you come to dad for money.
Not only when you ask for help, they also plan for your future ahead of time by doing the double job to save for college fees or helping you in other worldly affairs.

  Often dads are considered strict and harsh on kids, but one needs to realize that if both parents will act soft then the child would be spoiled. In order to keep balance, one needs to be soft and other strict. 

  A not only father plays important role in financial problems or teaching children moral values, but they also groom child in worldly dealings. You may think how can father plays such role when most experienced are learned by them self.  That's true. As I told earlier that father plays as the hero figure, so child tries to mimic and copy their father in a different way, for example, working in the garage, fixing stuff at home, or buying or dealing people in the market.

   Father ate the gem, which we often neglect, but his experience and teaching come in handy through different stages of life.

Something about me

   Little about me. I am in my mid twenties, still consider myself as teenager. I live in California, United State of America and  most particularly in Southern part of California. I am college student enjoying life, and still figuring out what to do with life. I consider myself as old fashion, but my hobbies include fashion designing, coin collection from different part of globe, gardening specially growing vegetable and fruits, and lastly writing romantic poetry. Recently graduated from University of California, Irvine with Biological Science major. Currently looking for job, wish me luck and hopefully I find one.