Monday, July 3, 2017

Father who plays multiple role in every stage of life

   We have often seen or read lots of books, poetry, and writing for the mother. The sacrifice mothers do for their children, but we of neglect the importance of father as he plays important role in life too. 

   Father in most case is ideal figure for most children in different stages of child life either sports, making dreams come true financial or moral or solve any affairs child encounter in life. 

  Father plays symbol as an ideal figure as most people in our early school life even in teenage ask what does your do for the living? Or more often you are being asked what do you want to be when you grow up? The answer can be as simple like father occupation, but it has the deeper meaning of giving important to dad in wider degree.

  You may get all the comfort and care from the mother, but when it comes to financial needs you come to dad for money.
Not only when you ask for help, they also plan for your future ahead of time by doing the double job to save for college fees or helping you in other worldly affairs.

  Often dads are considered strict and harsh on kids, but one needs to realize that if both parents will act soft then the child would be spoiled. In order to keep balance, one needs to be soft and other strict. 

  A not only father plays important role in financial problems or teaching children moral values, but they also groom child in worldly dealings. You may think how can father plays such role when most experienced are learned by them self.  That's true. As I told earlier that father plays as the hero figure, so child tries to mimic and copy their father in a different way, for example, working in the garage, fixing stuff at home, or buying or dealing people in the market.

   Father ate the gem, which we often neglect, but his experience and teaching come in handy through different stages of life.

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