Monday, July 3, 2017

Priceless love: Mother love

    When you were in her womb, she knew what difficulties she has to bear in coming future. While pregnant she was in her biggest physical pain and psychological stress of keeping you protected and knew the trauma she will go through in labor and delivery, but still decided to keep.

   When you don't know a single word, your mom helps and thought you every single word with patience and keen interest.

18 years later, when she wants to talk with you, you shush her and try to speak in the loud and rude way. In extreme case don't talk with them for days and lock in the room.

   When you don't know how to walk. She helps you how to crawl and then gradually and slowly to walk. 

  30 years later, when she is older in her age and can't walk and used the wheelchair. you can't walk slowly with her in her wheelchair and you leave her in the nursing home and meet her once in the blue moon.

   When you don't have logic and sense. She helps you to connect thing and make logic for you and answered all your stupid and repeated questions without a single if. Every single time you ask something and she explain you with all the detailed and story for you to understand.

   20 years later, when she has some question regards new gadget or asking you to teach some technology. you easily get annoyed and try to avoid with every single possibility. When she has the hard time understanding you shush her and get easily rude.

   When you don't have single money as pocket money to buy your desired toys. your parents will work the 9-5 job with extra hours to bring all the happiness.

   40 years later, when your parents get old and their pension is not enough to fulfill their need. You give them hard time with money and you count every single penny you give them and argue with them if they ask extra you complain and inquire about the money you gave earlier.

  Mother is one of the precious creation of the creator, so handle with care if lost you will regret in losing it.

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