Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why you should Never Give Up : Million Dollar Ideas

You may think, I might give magic pill or trick to make million dollars overnight. Turning your bank balance from zero to six digit figure. Blink of an eye, and you got million dollars in your pocket. Actually, that's possible if you have won lottery such scratch card  or went to Vegas strip ( gambling all night in one of those fancy resort and hotel), or overnight Youtube hit  and last but not least inherited millions of dollars from million of dollars. The odds of happening that scenario are rarely or unlikely, they are the people who are considered as chosen one by mother nature.

The point is how to make million dollars if you aren't lucky enough to get million dollars in a silver spoon. The reality which may shock most of us, a list of richest people by Forbes or people making into 100 youngest billionaires list comprise of a self-made millionaire. They were people just like me and you, sitting on the couch and watching a favorite Tv show on Netflix or Hulu, few like me watching Shark Tank. The only difference between them and us, the idea of having self-doubt and they weren't afraid to fail. Most of us are stopped from inner voice telling us, you are not good enough or to risk, other telling you; look at your past failure and you think you can make a change. You really think you can make a change, you just gonna lose again. Famous inventor Thomas Edison once said, " I didn't fail 1000 times to make a bulb, but I found the different way it won't work". Before making your first six-digit dollar figure, you need to reconsider what making doubtful about yourself and ideas which pop into your head.

Secondly, all those small ideas or creative show or DIY video you watch such as Shark Tank, or how to do. Never disregard that idea. Small ideas become big ideas, you start from the bottom and make big difference. No one become rich overnight, they believed in their idea and act on it right away. The only thing it takes to gain success or when you google to find " How to get success in life", it's the feeling and motivation you can do this.

Lastly, look around and observe, everything you eat from Kit Kat chocolate to using Apple Mac Laptop or Samsung the cell phone, they are the invention of a human. Even thing small as a diamond ring or fancy neon light on exotic cars, they are all made by someone like you and me. No idea is small or big, its just perspective how you see the world. Ordinary People have done it, why can't you.

Take a step, make your small idea into six-figure dollar; live your dream and make it a reality.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Statistical and Analytic Surveyed Data: Fact or Opinion ?

Whenever we look at the survey and comparison fact and figure, we get excited to see where we stand in the survey. Are the survey actually give us real fact and figure, or just the opinion; may be based on the biased variable? 
Let's take the example of the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index - which relates sustainability at a national level with national competitiveness. There are several factors to be considered when you look into different competitive index such as challenges and accomplish from the survey.
Challenges and Problem associated with conducting survey and ranking system
The factor consider in the survey conduct could be biased for some country or institute, but may be beneficial to another country. Factor like population, capital per income, size, people who are conducting the survey particularly their background, available resources available to conduct the survey. The factor like population determines huge difference as a comparison between the United State of America with few hundred millions of population as compared to some European countries with few million, same goes with large public university compared with small private school. Other factors include first resources available in first world country and developing countries, and its income per capital and infrastructure. Sometimes it's also important to factor that some countries are specialized and focus on certain things as compared to other companies such as toys, furniture and footwear are specialized in China as compared to service sector and highly paid job in the USA. 
People who conduct survey try their best to match and compare all the factor, and set certain criteria and category to be unbiased. With so much specialization and globalization, it's hard to make sure that survey are performed perfectly even with sustainability. When conducting sustainability survey on the base of human, social, economic and environmental, each country is completely different from one and another.
Goals behind conducting Survey and Ranking
What do you plan to achieve from the statistical survey? 
there is no simple answer to this question because each survey is catered different niche market or a particular group of people. A survey like sustainability or ranking of school or comparing different product give a deep understanding of the product. Although they may be different and hard to collect data, the research behind the survey show the importance of the topic and encourage others to conduct their own survey as well. It also shows the importance of the topic and gives the opportunity to see where one stand as compared to another.  Many time people assume that they are doing better than other, or far ahead in the game, but conducting a survey and ranking them help to evaluate and compare where they actually stand, and their weak points. Overall survey and ranking system are good strategies to think and compare and learn from other who are far ahead in the ranking. 

Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index may favor European countries, but it also gives us an idea how much effort they are making it sustainability living and things they are doing to improve themselves. those who are at the top, people can look into these countries deeply and research on the statistical data to see, what are they doing which making them differently. 

Holistic factors in ranking and survey
I would argue, most surveys don't give holistic factor as they are more focus on a certain topic. The ranking just tells us where countries or organization stand. to have a deeper understanding of the topic, one need to do deep digging into the topic and look at the factor which makes the country or organization at the position they are standing. It may give us the answer our where question, but why and how are not normally answered by the survey. 
At the end I would say, the survey is a helpful resource but we shouldn't totally rely on them. It's a good way to make yourself feel happy. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rules to have Fun and Romantic First Date

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Things to consider in Romantic First Date

Is it that beautiful girl you want to ask her out for a date, or cute co-worker whom you always wanted one chance. You get courage and come up with cheesy pick up the line to ask out. You are planning and planning, making a perfect scenario in your head to have that one moment come true. Your friends, family, and sibling gave you courage to finally asked the person out. What if, a special person has the same feeling.  It's special moment if the answer is YES!

The first phase of beautiful and courageous step completed. Now come real hard part where you should impress the person. Dress to Impress, and impress enough to get the second date. But there are few thing and rule you have to follow, to make the first date into a relationship. Otherwise, you will never get a chance to go to the second date.

The thing to do on the First Date.

What to wear on the first date?

Things to wear on the first date for girls can be simple, but unique. Girls have different variety and choice to wear clothes. The choice for girl’s outfit ranging from dress, long shirts, jumpers, rompers and plain jeans. They can wear anything, the key thing to keep in mind to make things simple and match the outfit with purse and shoes. The color combination for outfit shouldn't be too dark or eye catchy, wear light color and something which is according to the season. As far as clothing, wear something which makes you comfortable and enjoyable, don't try too hard or make an extra effort; it will be obvious. Trying new thing on the first date can be tricky if it doesn't come out as you planned, then your concentration would be on fixing your outfit rather than enjoying your first romantic and special moment.

For guys

The thing to wear on the first date for boy and guys, it can be confusing for guys. Remember guys, just because she said yes to you because of your humor or courage, it doesn't mean you have won the girl's, heart. Girls are very picky on guys dressing and appearance, they like to see a person who they are dating to be fashionable and know how to carry themselves in public.  Girls don't like mama boys or someone who just woke up from sleep and came to his first date. Wash and use an 110v electric clothes dryer to dry your clothes, beforehand. Phrase “Dress to impress” apply to you guys, and pay special attention what you decide to wear on the first date. Try to wear a dark color, and nothing sparking or dull color. Cotton shirt and plain pants would work, but don't show up in suit and tie; its date with a girl not a business interview. Do shower, and polish and clean your shoes, and take special care of your hygiene as girls prefer those who are clean and take care of themselves. If you like to wear jeans and T-shirt, wear something plain and nothing offensive written or printed on T-shirt. Remember don't try to overload yourself with extra clothing, but make sure things which you actually matched and look good on you. Must wear “clean and washed clothes, something which doesn't smell”

Perfume for girls and boys

The way you smell can make a huge impact and leave a long-lasting impression. Something which attracts a person, how they smell as it directly hit and stores in your brain. There is a different variety of perfume for guys and girls, and use them in different occasion. There are lots of brand of perfume to choose such as All Men's, Calvin Klein, CHANEL, Dior, Diesel, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, HUGO BOSS. Please..Please...Please take shower and wear a clean dress, and use the perfume you usually wear, maybe try a little bit more, but don't use a lot of perfume that your date can't breathe or may be a person is allergic to certain kind of perfume. It's always better to go with simple and light perfume. Use mouth freshener as well.

Simple, but unique Gift

I always believe that taking small gift is the sign of good token and gesture. Who doesn't love gift? Gifts can be anything from chocolate or roses for the girl on the first date. Bring something not so expensive, so that you don't creep out the other person. Remember, it's your first date,  not romantic honeymoon with your partner. Bringing gift is good but try to be extra careful what you bring to date.

Fancy restaurant or luxurious hotel for romantic date

That's a tricky question to answer, where to take your special one for dinner. Always check your budget and pocket before taking the girl out for dinner. You may impress them with the fancy hotel by beach side view, but on second date you should maintain that standard. You are trying to get and impress the girl of your dream not “Gold Digger”. It's important that you show the eating manner and order less, so you can concentration on talking and spend a quality moment with them. It will also give the opportunity to save some space in the stomach. Don't rush while eating, and take small bites. Always be kind to the waiter, smile and give tips; as it will give a good impression to your partner.

Who should pay for a date?

Let's just say, traditionally its expected for guys to pay for dinner, but if a girl wants to pay her half then let her pay. Don't force her to pay or give a full share, it will come off as rude, egoistic and control.

Close the perfect first date with a hug and walk her to her car or cab, wait till she leaves. Alway text sweet message like “It was nice meeting you, hope to see you soon again”

The first date is not difficult; you just have to play it safe and smart. Another person is as nervous as you are.

Interesting stats about first dates by EliteManMagazine

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Good luck...

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