Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why you should Never Give Up : Million Dollar Ideas

You may think, I might give magic pill or trick to make million dollars overnight. Turning your bank balance from zero to six digit figure. Blink of an eye, and you got million dollars in your pocket. Actually, that's possible if you have won lottery such scratch card  or went to Vegas strip ( gambling all night in one of those fancy resort and hotel), or overnight Youtube hit  and last but not least inherited millions of dollars from million of dollars. The odds of happening that scenario are rarely or unlikely, they are the people who are considered as chosen one by mother nature.

The point is how to make million dollars if you aren't lucky enough to get million dollars in a silver spoon. The reality which may shock most of us, a list of richest people by Forbes or people making into 100 youngest billionaires list comprise of a self-made millionaire. They were people just like me and you, sitting on the couch and watching a favorite Tv show on Netflix or Hulu, few like me watching Shark Tank. The only difference between them and us, the idea of having self-doubt and they weren't afraid to fail. Most of us are stopped from inner voice telling us, you are not good enough or to risk, other telling you; look at your past failure and you think you can make a change. You really think you can make a change, you just gonna lose again. Famous inventor Thomas Edison once said, " I didn't fail 1000 times to make a bulb, but I found the different way it won't work". Before making your first six-digit dollar figure, you need to reconsider what making doubtful about yourself and ideas which pop into your head.

Secondly, all those small ideas or creative show or DIY video you watch such as Shark Tank, or how to do. Never disregard that idea. Small ideas become big ideas, you start from the bottom and make big difference. No one become rich overnight, they believed in their idea and act on it right away. The only thing it takes to gain success or when you google to find " How to get success in life", it's the feeling and motivation you can do this.

Lastly, look around and observe, everything you eat from Kit Kat chocolate to using Apple Mac Laptop or Samsung the cell phone, they are the invention of a human. Even thing small as a diamond ring or fancy neon light on exotic cars, they are all made by someone like you and me. No idea is small or big, its just perspective how you see the world. Ordinary People have done it, why can't you.

Take a step, make your small idea into six-figure dollar; live your dream and make it a reality.

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