Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Letter to Erfiwa

Letter 001
Dear Lovers,

I'm not a love guru or a professional, but I feel that I can help! (that's what people say!) I might be good at listening or advising other people with critical thinking skills. I would love the chance to reach out to those who are shy towards expressing their feelings to everyone. Victims of love, an all-time question of "What if??"

Send in your stories and major concerns about them, I will do my best to help you solve this puzzle we call life and love. Don't be afraid, what could you lose.

Here's what you have to do, send your story as descriptive as possible, with all your concerns listed, any questions to add as well! include ages and gender as that is pertinent to the advice giving!

With Love  

Send your email at

Note: Your stories will be posted with an alias and explicit details with be removed- to help as many people as we possibly can that might relate!

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